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Date : 2023/01/03Category : News

🍣 Sushi but NO RICE! Yes, that’s it, this is one of the featured appetizers at 4P’s that not only contains tradition but also innovation to create an enjoyable dining experience for diners.

The rice you often find in sushi dishes will be replaced with pieces of fresh Mozzarella cheese, accompanied by a simulation of the green color of wasabi with a light avocado sauce. Make sure you eat all the ingredients at once to feel the fresh and fatty taste of the salmon mingled with the rich flavor of the special sauce made from soy sauce, harmonizing with the crispiness of the sweet and sour red radish, and characteristic aroma from perilla leaves, dills.

📝 Please be noticed that this dish uses fresh salmon, so it is only applicable for dining at the restaurant to ensure the quality!