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Date : 2023/05/17Category : News

Pizza 4P’s Cambodia is an important project that clearly illustrates our zero-waste strategy. As we embark on our journey to become a restaurant with no leftovers, we’d like to share our strategy as well as our accomplishments over the last year with the recently released Waste Report 2022 in Cambodia.

👉 Please see the link here for 4P’s Cambodia Zero-Waste Report 2022:
Along with sustainability and local sourcing remaining a priority in our restaurant, zero-waste is another challenge that we hope to conquer. We adopted an official Zero Waste Plan with 4P’s Cambodia project in February 2021, which outlined new goals that would lead us to becoming completely zero-waste in the future. We all know it’s a difficult goal, but we must act regardless of how difficult it is.
Waste Report 2022 summarizes all of our accomplishments as well as the challenges we are attempting to address comprehensively. The booklet contains information on waste amounts and recycled amounts. In addition, there are inspiring stories and interviews from 4P’s Cambodia internal team and partners that you can delve into to learn more about our journey.

💕 We’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved – the team, the partners, and the valued guests who accompanied and supported us throughout the process. With this unending support, we hope to get closer to our mission of making the world smile for peace by tackling waste head on.