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Pizza 4P’s strategic partner in “Farm to Table” concept

Date : 2017/10/18Category : News

The “Thiên Sinh Farm” name is generated of the “Thien” from “Thien nhien” – Nature and “Sinh” from “Sinh thai” – Ecology. They are one of the passionate, sincere agricultural veggies farm that has been proceeding with international organic certification program.

Mr Thang, the owner of Thien Sinh farm has been working in agriculture and farming all his life. He chose Dalat to locate his farm, for the reason of the highland environment and the stable weather condition of the land.

Futher than that, Mr Thang built his farm far away from the city and the industry area (at least 1 km away) to ensure that the soil and the water are almost not affected by any external elements. This is one of many strict international requirement of a true organic farm that Thien Sinh has been pursuing.

Thien Sinh farm upgrade their farm business to a more professional level by clearly defining their concept of producing fine veggies which follow natural ecosystem to support veggies in the farm without chemical pesticide and chemical fertilizer. The compost they feed in the farm derived from their own cow farm; and the whey protein they use nourish the plants are from our Pizza 4P’s cheese factory. Approximately 30 heads of cattle are working and producing manure for compost production, to supply 100% feed inside the farm for quality assurance.

One of the elements that differentiate Thien Sinh Farm from many other farm is the information transparency – which Pizza 4P’s find similar to our business ethics belief: The farm is open for visitors, students,… to come and visit their farming procedure and their greenhouses, with the aim of sharing the understandings, the passion and the verified farming methodology widely.

And we Pizza 4P’s are so inspired by their passion to delivery the genuine vegetables to the end users; that we decided to invite Mr Thang and Thien Sinh Farm to be our contracted Vietnamese farm to supply our important ingredients such as rocket leaves, salad, ect…

We do believe that the solid results revive from choosing the right partner, especially the trusted partner as Thien Sinh Farm, who are also passionate and value the sharing in their philosophy.