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Pizza 4P’s on Ram On The Run

Date : 2018/02/01Category : News

Pizza 4P’s on Ram On The Run

On a travel blog of an Italian – Ram On The Run, the story of Pizza 4P’s was told in a very pleasant and humorous way. And it did inspire us lots since they are Italians – the ones that came from the origin country of Pizza and Fresh Cheese.

In their conversation with us at Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung, they at first showed their surprise of how we fell in love with the meaning of Pizza.

Since at Pizza 4P’s, we believes that because Pizza is cut into slices, then it is made to be shared. And as we can add any seasoning on the base, Pizza means universal.

While in Italy, they said it is not popular to put everything on Pizza. “And to tell the truth nobody loves to share pizza and we are rather jealous and possessive towards what we have before us.” – Ram On The Run shared in a funny way.

However, “The pizza in Japanese sauce has conquered everyone so much that. We saw a fellow ordering one with spicy beef, and be satisfied.” – this blogger commented.

Also, they found interesting with the stories from the beginning of Pizza 4P’s to our House-made cheese. And especially one story of the founders.

That is on the first days when Pizza 4P’s has just opened. Since the founders put all their spirits on what they are doing, they also look forward to the comments from the authentic judges – in this case is the Italian customers.

Whenever they had any Italian guests, the founder and his wife usually hid behind the oven to spy on their reactions, just like candidates are nervously waiting for the comments of the judges.

We are so happy that our stories did bring happiness to these Italian guests. We would like to thank Ram On The Run for travelling a long distance to try and sharing our stories.

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