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A half of Pizza 4P’s

Date : 2018/03/08Category : News

On the International Women’s Day, we want to mention one half of Pizza 4P’s – Sanae san. She is not only the life-partner of Masuko san, but also a co-founder of Pizza 4P’s.

Usually, Masuko san is the frontman of Pizza 4P’s in interviews. However, recently, Sanae san “who is always standing behind supporting Masuko san” was invited for a conversation with Motokurashi (a Japanese website). During the conversion, Sanae san shared her vision: “I want to bring more smiles to the world through Pizza 4P’s”.

From the delicacy of the women, Sanae san is the one who contributes to the inspiration of Pizza 4P’s image. If Masuko san is the strategic thinker then Sanae san plays the key role in shaping and maintaining the culture and values of Pizza 4P’s.

For Sanae san, besides our customers, our staff are also members of Pizza 4P’s big family. Thus, in parallel with taking care of every little detail of the restaurant, Sanae san is always focused on the members of the company to keep them inspired, motivated, and happy, since they are the ones who contribute so much to the success of Pizza 4P’s.

It can be said that besides Masuko san, Sanae san is the one who has always maintained the company’s mission and created a very unique image of Pizza 4P’s today.

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