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Truffle Burrata | Our unique version of Burrata

Date : 2018/05/03Category : News

We are very proud to present Burrata as part of Pizza 4P’s House-made Cheese – it is so difficult to find even in some European countries. As we always strive to “Delivering Wow” to you, we have upgraded our Burrata with the addition of one of the most precious ingredients in the world – Truffle Mushroom.

Due to their scarcity, distinctively impressive aroma and delicious delicacy, black Truffles have been well-known as one of the most expensive ingredients in the culinary world. Truffle Burrata is an exquisite combination of our fresh original Burrata and the unique black Truffle.

On the new seasonal menu, this is the first time we premiere Truffle Burrata in 3 seasonal dishes at Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung. We have created this as a surprise treat for you. Hope you like it!