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Herb Garden @ Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung

Date : 2018/06/05Category : News

With the vision to “Make the World Smile for Peace”, we aim to bring “true happiness” with smiles that are naturally generated from inner peace. In this pathway, the peace of nature and natural creatures around us are also the parts of a peaceful smile.

We began our journey of “Farm to Table” with the desire of bringing nature closer to diners, and thus we have been able to see more peaceful smiles on the faces of people who dine with us.

Therefore, we are very excited to introduce our new project in collaboration with Thien Sinh farm which is the next chapter of our “Farm to Table” concept.

At Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung, we are displaying a greeneries corner, called “Herb Garden”, where we have placed little pots of herbs which you can take home.

These greeneries are different kinds of culinary herbs, such as basil and arugula, which are also used in our dishes at Pizza 4P’s.

These kinds of herbs are grown in the rich and entirely natural habitat of Thien Sinh Farm – our valued partner who grows their crops without synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers and has a production process treasuring the natural ecosystem.

Please visit our herb garden, take the herbs home, create your “Farm to Table” meal and enjoy truly peaceful happiness!