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  • Pizza 4P’s New Original Dish | Smoked Burrata Bolognese

    Date : 2018/06/13Category : News

    After the recent introduction of Truffle Burrata, we are happy to present Smoked Burrata as the next unique version of our signature cheese.Burrata is smoked on the outside to create a distinctive, strong flavor while still maintaining its special creamy layer inside. With a uniquely strong taste, Smoked Burrata compliments the basic flavor of var...

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  • Herb Garden @ Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung

    Date : 2018/06/05Category : News

    With the vision to “Make the World Smile for Peace”, we aim to bring “true happiness” with smiles that are naturally generated from inner peace. In this pathway, the peace of nature and natural creatures around us are also the parts of a peaceful smile.We began our journey of “Farm to Table” with the desire of bringing nature closer to diners, and...

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  • Pizza 4P’s Original Drinks | An inspiration from Hanoi’s Apricot

    Date : 2018/05/28Category : News

    We are happy to introduce our special drinks, infused with a well-known Hanoi fruit – Apricot. With a tropical taste, this fruit gives a refreshing flavor on hot days. At Pizza 4P’s, we have created 2 kinds of drinks that tailor to the special taste of Apricot: Apricot Sprite and Apricot May Cocktail.These special drinks are now available only at ...

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  • Pizza 4P’s x Chef Takuto Nakamura

    Date : 2018/05/11Category : News

    Pizza 4P’s x Chef NakamuraWe are happy to introduce our new seasonal menu in collaboration with chef Takuto Nakamura. In this menu, we would like to introduce 6 new dishes with special recipes that are distinctively tailored for Pizza 4P’s, including:3 kinds of pasta that are now available at Pizza 4P’s Phu My Hung only:Squid and Or...

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  • Truffle Burrata | Our unique version of Burrata

    Date : 2018/05/03Category : News

    We are very proud to present Burrata as part of Pizza 4P’s House-made Cheese – it is so difficult to find even in some European countries. As we always strive to “Delivering Wow” to you, we have upgraded our Burrata with the addition of one of the most precious ingredients in the world – Truffle Mushroom.Due to their scarcity, distinctively ...

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  • A story of Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh design from the head architect

    Date : 2018/04/11Category : News

     There are many articles featuring the design of Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh. However, for the first time, our Head Architect, Shunri Nishizawa, has expressed the story of this design from his perspective.In this article on ARCHDAILY, Nishizawa showed his respect for preserving the local heritage during the rapid modernization of Saigon: “it is cri...

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  • Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh on DESIGNBOOM

    Date : 2018/04/11Category : News

    We are happy to announce Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh’s design has been featured on DESIGNBOOM.Located in a building that witnessed a vigorous transformation of this city, head architect, Nishizawa, aims to express “something new doesn’t have to replace something old” in the design of Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh. In this article, DESIGNBOOM explored the di...

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  • Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh design on Vietcetera

    Date : 2018/04/03Category : Media

    The spirit of Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh design was told under the prism of its father – Architect Shunri Nishizawa. In an interview with Vietcetera, architect Nishizawa shared his respect toward an old architecture in the centre of Saigon that dates back to 100 years ago.We would like to thank Vietcetera team and architect Shunri Nishizawa for featurin...

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  • Pizza 4P’s on Talk Vietnam

    Date : 2018/03/29Category : Media

    Last time, Pizza 4P’s founders shared our start-up story in a talk show with Talk Vietnam. In a cozy atmosphere at Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung, the founders – Masuko and Sanae san shared their stories in the beginning days, from the old days when he and his friends used to spatter with mud  to build the Pizza oven in his backyard, to the future p...

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  • Pizza 4P’s on NOM Magazine

    Date : 2018/03/20Category : Media

    Pizza 4P’s is featured on NOM Magazine – a Taiwanese food specialist online media that focus on exploring and understanding different aspects of the world cuisine.Coming to Vietnam this time, except looking for the special spots of the local cuisine, they planned to discover another side of Vietnam. And NOM Magazine visited Pizza 4P’s from a sugge...

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