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  • A half of Pizza 4P’s

    Date : 2018/03/08Category : News

    On the International Women’s Day, we want to mention one half of Pizza 4P’s – Sanae san. She is not only the life-partner of Masuko san, but also a co-founder of Pizza 4P’s.Usually, Masuko san is the frontman of Pizza 4P’s in interviews. However, recently, Sanae san “who is always standing behind supporting Masuko san” was invited for...

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  • The journey of Pizza 4P’s founder on The Japan Times.

    Date : 2018/03/02Category : Media

    We are happy to announce the story of our founder – Masuko san, is featured in The Japan Times.The Japan Times is a well-known English-language information channel in Japan, which features many aspects of Japanese community.One of the most noticeable topics in the People category recently is “Why did you leave Japan”. This is to spot out Japanese...

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  • Pizza 4P’s in WeChoice Awards 2017

    Date : 2018/02/06Category : Media

    We feel so excited to announce Pizza 4P’s got the first place in “Top 10 favorite restaurants” by WeChoice Awards 2017.This is a very big award to us since WeChoice is an annual award that honors people, stories and products which gives lots of inspiration to the community.Therefore, we feel so honored to receive much love from everyone. We would...

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  • Pizza 4P’s on Ram On The Run

    Date : 2018/02/01Category : News

    Pizza 4P’s on Ram On The RunOn a travel blog of an Italian – Ram On The Run, the story of Pizza 4P’s was told in a very pleasant and humorous way. And it did inspire us lots since they are Italians – the ones that came from the origin country of Pizza and Fresh Cheese.In their conversation with us at Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung, they at first s...

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  • Pizza 4P’s x Marou Desserts

    Date : 2018/01/25Category : News

    We are glad to introduce a special combination between “House-made Cheese” of Pizza 4P’s and gourmet Chocolate by Maison Marou in 3 new desserts:Chocolate Tart with House-made Mascarpone Lime Cream: Mild sour of Mascarpone Lime Cream gives a balance to tart base that made from Marou’s chocolate.Chocolate & Mascarpone Cream Choux with Camembe...

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  • House-made Fruit Vinegar | Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung

    Date : 2018/01/24Category : News

    For thousand years in Japan, Fruit Vinegar is a well-known soft drink due to its health benefits.At Pizza 4P’s, we created this drink using our house-made syrup that made from fresh fruits and crafted vinegar. Giving a balance flavor, this beverage leaves a refreshing touch that pairs well with a delight meal.Fruit Vinegar is now only available a...

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  • Pizza 4P’s x 7 Bridges | Yuzu Original Crafted Beer

    Date : 2018/01/22Category : News

    Brewing craft beer is a traditional culture in many European countries. Different from other common beers, craft beer allow brewers to add some unique ingredients to design their own recipes that depend on their inspirations, imaginations or techniques.At Pizza 4P’s, we desire to connect local cuisine and international taste. Therefore, we would ...

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  • Pizza 4P’s Ly Quoc Su | Expedia’s top recommendation for family travel

    Date : 2018/01/22Category : News

    We are excited to announce Pizza 4P’s Ly Quoc Su has been hand-picked as an Expedia’s top recommendation featured in their family travel microsite.Expedia Singapore is a page that crafted by travel experts, for travel lovers. We are chosen as one of the best destinations for family holiday.Pizza 4P’s is honored to be part of journeys of many fami...

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  • Pizza Cha Ca on | “When local culture is spread out through a dish”

    Date : 2018/01/16Category : Media

    Our Pizza Cha Ca is featured on From their first imagination of a connection between a Hanoi’s iconic dish and Pizza 4P’s House-made Camembert, had an exploration from the story to the taste of Pizza Cha Ca at our restaurant in Hanoi.Since Pizza Cha Ca must maintain the traditional ingredients while well-balance the internatio...

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  • Pizza 4P’s on TVBS News

    Date : 2017/11/16Category : Media

    An August afternoon at Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh, our founder had an interview with TVBS News – one of the largest media channel in Taiwan.Beginning with the introduction of Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh retro design to our journeys of making House-made Cheese and Farm-to-table, we shared many interesting moments with TVBS News.We would like to express our tha...

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