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  • JOURNEY 4P’S & 11TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY (8/5/2011 – 8/5/2022)

    Date : 2022/05/08Category : NewsMedia

    Part 1: Beginning.To mark our 11th anniversary of Pizza 4P’s, we would like to introduce to you a new video series called “Journey 4P’s”. On this occasion, we want to take a look back at the past, share with you about the present and aim for the future.With positive energy and smiles, our Co-founders – Masuko and Sanae will share m...

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  • The reasons why Pizza 4P’s decided to be the first to import Natural Sake to Vietnam

    Date : 2022/04/08Category : NewsMedia

    Pizza 4P’s is trying to carry out environmentally-conscious projects step by step in order to achieve the vision “Make the World Smile for Peace”. We started our original article series “Peace for Earth” focusing on such sustainable projects in our company.The topic of this article will focus on Natural Sake. As this might be an unfamiliar produc...

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  • The Zero Waste concept that we aim towards – Vol 1

    Date : 2022/04/05Category : NewsMedia

    Sustainable development is one of the most crucial factors to help us achieve our vision. Our surveys show that the topic “Waste management” is becoming widely known and the “zero-waste” term is becoming more and more familiar.Zero waste is simply understood as a lifestyle that aims for no trash to be sent to landfills, incinerators or the ocean;...

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  • “Peace For Earth”: The Challenges Of Sustainability

    Date : 2021/02/18Category : Media

    The challenging aspects of decision-making related to sustainability in Pizza 4P’sHere at Pizza 4P’s we are committed to carrying out environmentally-conscious projects to achieve our vision to ‘Make the World Smile for Peace’, one step at a time. Inviting you to come along for the journey, we will be sharing a series of original articles t...

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    Date : 2020/12/25Category : NewsMedia

    At Pizza 4P’s, Earth to People is our expression of gratitude to natural ingredients, from their origin, their growers, our chefs and our beloved guests. This makes it especially exciting to introduce our new selection of Natural Wines. We deeply value the traditional winemaking technique by the Braghieri family, who have been cultivating org...

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  • My Happy Dish Volume 2: Mimi Vu

    Date : 2020/10/21Category : Media

    Hi Mimi! Thanks for doing this with us. This is a new series, called My Happy Dish. The intention is to get to know your experiences and stories behind your favourite dishes at Pizza 4P’s. Mimi Vu, Partner at Raise Partners, a social good consulting practice,  and one of Vietnam’s leading anti-human trafficking and modern slavery experts. First ...

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  • 4P’s presents「Attitude of Authenticity」Vol.4 Shunri Nishizawa

    Date : 2020/09/11Category : NewsMedia

    The Chau Doc House “Generic city” is a concept suggested by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. It describes a city free of context, history and identity expanding in lockstep with unbridled population growth.Today this trend is especially apparent in emerging countries. By 2050, when the world’s population is expected to reach 9,8 bill...

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  • My Happy Dish Volume 1: Vincent Mourou

    Date : 2020/09/04Category : Media

    Hi Vincent! Thank you for joining us for our very first volume of the My Happy Dish Series. Vincent Mourou, Co-founder of MAROU Faiseurs de ChocolatAs you may know, at Pizza 4P’s, we highly value experiences that can help us achieve Life-long Happiness or inner peace. So, we’d like to know whether you have any experiences or moments in you...

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  • 「Who Am I ?」

    Date : 2020/07/08Category : Media

    (Japanese below)When speaking to young teenagers, Yosuke Masuko (4P’s Founder & CEO)  and Sanae Takasugi (4P’s Co-founder & Deputy CEO) often find that many worry about not really knowing who they are and what kind of possibilities they have. In a lecture given to the 7th and 9th graders at a Japanese school in Saigon, Pizza 4P’s leaders ...

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  • “Make the World Smile for Peace”

    Date : 2020/06/04Category : Media

    “What is ‘Happiness’?”(What creates happiness? How do we find it and hold onto it?)That ultimate question has troubled me for years, always there, nagging at my mind.My best friend when I was a teenager: he had loving parents, in school was a captain of the rowing club. One of the movies he created (we filmed others together) won an award in a ...

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