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  • Pizza 4P’s Food Truck (The Vista) – Pizza to the people

    Date : 2019/06/25 Category : News

    Pizza 4P’s is excited to introduce our first food truck at LS1.01, Ground Floor, The Vista, 628C Ha Noi Boulevard, An Phu Ward, District 2, HCMC. Pizza 4P’s believes that enjoy a delicious pizza can make people smile and leave them with full of positive energy, which is also the first step to achieve happiness. With our Food truck, we want t...

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    Date : 2019/05/27 Category : News

    After 2 weeks of voting by readers of ArchDaily, Pizza 4Ps Ben Thanh is very honored to be the only Vietnamese candidate in the list of 16 finalists, selected from 700 others from all over the world. Refurbishment award is developed by ArchDaily to demonstrate the global importance of refurbishment architecture as a method of achieving sustainable ...

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  • Human of 4P’s: Yuma Nagata – Sustainable man of Pizza 4P’s

    Date : 2019/05/13 Category : News

    Studying agriculture and organic farming at university, Yuma Nagata haboured the love of nature around us. He also considered sustainable development as an essential part of restaurant business and deciced to dedicate his life for it. As a SDGs officer at Pizza 4P’s since 2017, Yuma Nagata is conducting many projects to apply SDGs to every p...

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  • Special Cocktails Collection @ Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh

    Date : 2018/12/19 Category : News

    Christmas parties deserve fun and colorful beverages. Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh offers you a fantastic selection of handcrafted cocktails to celebrate the holiday season. Choose your favorite ones below:   Negroni Cocktail: Negroni is an iconic Italian cocktail which has a refreshing bitterness. With its unique flavor, you can choose  strongly-fla...

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  • 4P’s Cheese Pairing Set

    Date : 2018/12/19 Category : News

    Season’s Greeting would not be complete without the duo: special drink & cheese. Tailored to our special House-made Cheese dish, our recommended original pairing drinks are: Yuzu Craft Beer x Camembert Truffle Yuzu with a touch of sea salt emphasizes the creamy taste of Camembert Truffle. Yuzu’s distinct accent elevates Truffle’s subtle aroma ...

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  • Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung | Nominated as “Building of The Year” by Ashui Awards 2018

    Date : 2018/12/11 Category : News

    Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung is very happy to be nominated as “Building of The Year” by Ashui Awards 2018. Designed by Nishizawa Architects, Pizza 4P’s Hai Ba Trung has its special vibe where architecture in harmony with nature. The whole space is covered in agriculture net that helps soften the direct sunlight. Diners can indulge in a relaxing ambience...

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  • Our Whole Zen Lotus Pizza’ 1st time in Japan

    Date : 2018/11/09 Category : News

    We proudly announce that our Whole Zen Lotus Pizza is served in an activity in Tokyo, today, on 9th November. The ingredients of this Pizza are entirely vegan, with the vegan cheese made from soy milk and lotus root flour. Whole parts of Lotus (flower, fruit, stem and root) are utilized. Nothing is wasted. It is the first time we shared our Pizza...

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  • Café at Citadines – Powered by 4P’s | Exclusive Pasta Menu

    Date : 2018/11/05 Category : News

    We are happy to present 4 special new pastas Menu, only at Café at Citadines – Powered by 4P’s: –  Whole Tomato 04 Cheese fondue Anchovy Pasta –  Ricotta and Parma ham Pasta (with Rocket Genovese) –  Vegetable Peperoncino (Spicy mark) –  4 Cheese Carbonara Whole Tomato 04 Cheese fondue Anchovy Pasta: Simple, yet appealing pa...

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  • 4P’s House-Roasted Coffee Bean

    Date : 2018/10/24 Category : News

    We have started serving our House-Roasted Coffee. To create our unique coffee, we designed our own blend of coffee beans.  To curated local Arabica, we blend with a small amount of premium beans from Ethiopia. Our aim is to embrace the local ingredient and elevate its unique taste. Through dozens of tasting sessions, we are finally confident . The ...

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  • Cafe at Citadines | Powered by 4P’s

    Date : 2018/10/19 Category : News

    With an aim to bring a new experience, we are now having a Cafe at Citadines. This place has a serene atmosphere, which would be a peaceful place to enjoy some cups of coffee while working. There, you could also dine for breakfast and brunch, with the whole menu is powered by 4P’s. Cafe at Citadines are serving Breakfast, Original Pancake, 04 kinds...

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