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For Pizza 4P’s, the passage of time has been graced with moments of gratitude and profound humility. As we reflect on our journey, we find ourselves humbled by the numerous awards and accolades that have come our way. Each recognition stands as a testament to the dedication of our team and the unwavering love and support from our cherished Guests.


Our adventure began with a simple dream: to craft pizzas that touch the heart and tantalize the taste buds. Over the years, that dream evolved into an extraordinary reality, attracting attention from esteemed international publications such as The New York Times and CNN. 


However, it was our reputation for serving the Best Pizza in Asia that truly made our hearts skip a beat. To be recognized as a beacon of pizza excellence in a continent that boasts diverse culinary traditions was both humbling and inspiring.


Yet, our accomplishments were not confined solely to the realm of gastronomy. Pizza 4P’s ventured into the world of technology, and to our astonishment, we were listed among the Top 15 Tech Innovators by “Top Movers & Shakers” in Pizza Marketplace. Embracing innovation allowed us to connect with our patrons in new and meaningful ways, further enhancing their dining experiences.


Alongside our technological endeavors, our marketing campaigns became a canvas to express our brand’s ethos. To be featured in the Top 15 Marketing Campaigns by “Top Movers & Shakers” reinforced our belief in the power of storytelling and resonating with the hearts of those we serve.


Besides, we also have some awards relating to architecture such as:

▪️ Pizza 4P’s Hikari Binh Duong won the prestigious Green Good Design Awards | Green Architecture Category. 

▪️ Pizza 4P’s “Ark Pavillion” Hai Phong won the Golden Prize as one of the best designs of the VMARK | VIETNAM DESIGN WEEK Award 2022 in F&B Design Category.

▪️ Hai Ba Trung design has been listed as “Most Viewed Project” by Arch Daily. 

▪️ Pizza 4P’s Phan Ke Binh has been nominated as Interior of The Year, awarded by ASHUI AWARDS 2018.


As we gather these awards, one by one, we are reminded of the humble beginnings that sparked our venture. Our goal was never to seek acclaim but to bring joy to the palates of our guests. We owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to our passionate team members who pour their heart and soul into every dish we serve. We are equally indebted to our beloved customers who have stood by us, encouraging and inspiring us to raise the bar continuously.


With every award received, we are reminded of our responsibility to stay true to our roots and continue to innovate, evolve, and create culinary delights that stir the senses. Our journey is far from over, and we humbly embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


To everyone who has been a part of this incredible voyage, we say thank you. Thank you for believing in us, for savoring our pizzas with delight, and for sharing in our dream. As we move forward, we carry with us the spirit of humility, knowing that it is your unwavering support that has fueled our pursuit of excellence.

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