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Please read this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) carefully. By clicking and checking the boxes next to the statements “Register”, “I agree to the terms and conditions of Pizza 4P's Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as “4PS” or “We”), “I agree and permit the collection, use, disclosure, storage, transfer, and/or processing of my personal data for the purposes stated herein, and in accordance with this Privacy Policy” or similar statements displayed on 4PS’s registration page or during the provision of services, Users confirm that they have read and understood the terms of this Privacy Policy and Users agree and permit the collection, use, disclosure, storage, transfer, and/or processing of their personal data as described and stipulated in this Privacy Policy.

We value the trust of Users. Therefore, protecting the privacy and security of Users’ personal data is a fundamental principle in the operation of 4PS and related systems.

This Privacy Policy will help Users understand more about how 4PS and 4PS’s affiliated partners use and protect the personal data that Users provide to us when using our services, or when contacting us in different ways.

The use of our apps or Services by Users shall be governed by this Privacy Policy.

We are committed to securing Users’ personal data and preventing the theft, unauthorized access, and disclosure of Users’ personal data by using the latest technologies, software, and best practices.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, and will immediately notify Users. Users may also update the latest changes to the Privacy Policy.

I. The organization that collects and manages User’s personal data

Pizza 4PS Corporation is the organization that collects and manages users' personal data. The company's head office is located at 8/13-8/15-8/17 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city.

II.Methods of User Data Collection

1. To register an account and use 4PS’s services, users must voluntarily provide us with some information.

2. The personal data we collect may include:
a. Personal information: name, gender, date of birth, nationality, marital status;

b. Contact information: billing address, shipping address, email address, phone number, user contact history such as call history to customer service phone number;

c. Mobile location data, IP address if users contact us via online services or our mobile app.

d. Other personal data is collected for the purposes outlined in Section III.

3. In addition, we will record user information when users start filling out our Contact Us form and other information that users may provide to us. In addition, using our services may provide us with some detailed information about the products and places users have purchased, as well as some sensitive personal data such as the location data of users' mobile devices.

Users may also grant 4PS access to information that they share on other social media platforms such as Facebook, etc. by connecting these platforms with 4PS. This information includes information about users' friends and followers. Certain other information may also be collected when users use the app, including clickstream data, identifier information, the browser type of users' mobile devices, information we collect from third parties including information about marketing lists, publicly available information, and information that may reflect the relevance of our products and services to users, fraud information including details of suspected fraud or violations of our Terms and Conditions and details of any device used for fraud. In addition, we may collect user information from publicly available sources such as phonebooks, or from third parties with whom we have an agreement to advertise 4PS Services.

5. In addition, 4PS may collect personal data when users interact with 4PS through any other means.

III.Purpose of collecting, using, and processing personal data

We collect, use, and process personal information collected as presented above for the following purposes:

1. To provide 4PS services to Users and respond to User requests (for example, transaction history of accumulating and exchanging 4PS Points, brand points; value of each transaction and corresponding points; methods of receiving 4PS Points, brand points; providing appropriate suggestions for accumulating and exchanging 4PS Points, brand points for each group of Users).

2. To update new features and fix bugs in the 4PS app.

3. To develop, improve, and continuously improve the quality of our apps, products, and services to better meet the needs of Users.

4. To understand User needs in order to send Users information related to transactions and User needs.

5. To provide 4PS promotions, discounts, and support to Users.

6. To manage, operate, provide, and/or administer the use and activities of Users when using the 4PS app.

7. To protect the security or integrity of the 4PS app and any means or devices used to provide the Loyalty Program to Users.

8. To serve exchanges, provide information to 4PS partners related to transactions at partners that accumulate 4PS Points, use discount codes, or other activities that are through/introduced by the 4PS app.

9. To conduct statistical analysis for auditing, risk management, and compliance purposes.

10. To track and improve the way 4PS customer support responds to Users to improve and enhance the quality of service.

11. To store, manage, and reserve for disaster recovery or other similar purposes.

12. To prevent fraud and abuse, and to manage risk:

a. To detect, and prevent fraudulent activities, sabotage of User accounts, or fraudulent activities that impersonate User identity in the Loyalty Program.

b. To prevent or investigate any fraud, illegal activity, misconduct, or negligence related to the use of the 4PS app or any other activity arising from the relationship between 4PS and Users in the Loyalty Program.

c. To identify fraudulent, deceptive, misconduct, or negligence of partners and provide personalized feedback to 4PS partners.

d. To prevent activities that violate Vietnamese law on the 4PS app.

e. To use scoring methods to assess and manage risk.

13. Other legitimate purposes for implementing and developing the Loyalty Program at the discretion of 4PS (if any).

We will notify and request User permission before using User personal data for any purpose other than those stated in this Policy.

IV.User’ s rights and responsibilities

1. User’s rights:

a. To complain, report, or sue in accordance with the law.

b. To self-protect the user's personal data or request that competent authorities take measures to protect the user's rights in accordance with the law.

c. To know how 4PS processes the user's personal data.

d. To agree or disagree to allow 4PS to process the user's personal data.

e. To access, view, edit, or request that 4PS edit the user's personal data.

f. To withdraw the user's consent.

g. To delete or request that 4PS delete the user's personal data.

h. To request that 4PS restrict the processing of the user's personal data.

i. To object to 4PS processing the user's personal data for the purpose of preventing or restricting the disclosure of personal data or using it for marketing, product promotion, advertising, and promotion purposes.

j. To claim compensation for damages in accordance with the law in the event of a violation of the regulations on the protection of the user's personal data, except where the parties have agreed otherwise.

k. Other rights under relevant laws.

2. To exercise the user's rights on the basis of the law or to request an explanation of these rights, the user can contact us at the information in Section IX to request that we fulfill the user's request and follow the instructions of the customer service staff.

3. We reserve the right to request additional documents and evidence to help us identify the user's identity as well as screen, verify the legality and validity of the user's right request to us. After verification, we will process the user's requests within the time limit specified by law. The user may be required to appear at the 4PS office to verify the account identity and sign confirmation documents as a basis for recording that the customer has withdrawn consent, requested data deletion, and other requests.

However, please note that the user's request as mentioned above may prevent 4PS from providing the user with part or all of our Services.

4. The user has the right to access and edit the user's personal data on the 4PS Application or request that we provide guidance and support for the user to edit the data when the user finds that their personal data is inaccurate/incomplete. The user notes that for each 4PS account that has been registered, the phone number registered for that account will not be changed for any reason. If the user changes their phone number, they must register a new account.

5. The user can only log in and use a maximum of one account on one electronic device at the same time.

6. In the event that 4PS discovers that the user has fraudulent behavior, deliberately logging in to multiple 4PS accounts on the same electronic device at the same time, this behavior will be classified as fraudulent and unsafe for 4PS's overall cyber security system as well as its data system. Therefore, 4PS has the right to review and decide to lock all 4PS accounts that have been registered and used on the user's electronic device.

7. The user agrees and acknowledges that any withdrawal of consent under the terms set forth in this Policy will not affect any consent that the user has previously had with 4PS.

8. User’s responsibilities:

a. To self-protect the user's personal data, request that we protect the user's personal data.

b. To respect and protect the personal data of others.

c. To provide complete and accurate personal data when agreeing to allow us to process personal data, and other obligations under relevant laws.

V.Disclosure of Personal Information

1. User information is an important part of 4PS's business operations.

2. We will not sell, transfer, lease, or provide any User information to any other party, except for providing to trusted third parties and other related parties that we need to share in order to provide Services to Users and other purposes set forth in Section III of this Policy.

3. We may disclose User personal information in response to a request or decision of a competent government agency as required by law.

VI. Payment Information Security for User

1. 4PS integrates its e-wallet into partner payment applications through the SDK model provided by payment intermediaries, and e-wallets for the purpose of supporting payment for users.

2. User payment information will be secured and stored on the payment intermediary or e-wallet system for the purpose of securing user account information as the third-party partners have been audited by the government (Momo, Onepay, VnPay). 4PS does not store any customer payment account information.

3. In addition, other information such as voucher information/customer information will be protected by 4PS when connecting/exchanging via API according to the latest standard TSL 1.2 protocol and OAuth2 authentication.

VII.Links to Other Websites

1. The 4PS Application may contain links to other websites. If Users click on these links, 4PS will not be responsible for the Users' data security and privacy thereafter, and those websites are not subject to this Policy.

2. Users should carefully read the privacy policy of the website they are accessing before providing any information.

VIII.Personal Data Storage and Deletion

1. The Personal data of Users will be stored in the 4PS Application server system for 10 years from the last time the User interacts with 4PS Application or until 4PS receives a request to delete the User's personal information.

2. As mentioned in Section IV, Users have statutory rights and request 4PS to fulfill while processing User's personal data. At this time, 4PS may need a reasonable period of time (depending on the complexity and impact of the User's request) to process the User's request, we need to note that:

a. Based on the nature and scope of the User's request, we may not be able to continue providing services to the User, and according to the legal requirements in each case, we will also notify the User before completing the processing of the User's request.

b. In certain cases, we may not be able to accept the User's request. For example, if the User requests us to delete personal data, and transactions while legally, we are obliged to keep records of individuals, contracts, and transactions to comply with and provide in accordance with legal regulations.

c. We cannot fulfill the request to withdraw the User's consent while providing services to the User or need to immediately process related personal data to provide to partners in accordance with the partner's agreement (for example, in the case of users receiving promotions with conditions requiring information provision) or according to law.

IX. Access to Personal Information

1. We guarantee the User's right to access all information about the account and interactions of 4PS App Users and merchants on the App to view and, in the most cases, update or modify that information, Users can edit personal information in their profile on the Application.

2. When having questions to request access to information, Users please contact our Customer Care Department by phone number 19006043, email or by clicking on the Contact Us button on the application.

This Policy takes effect from 01 July, 2023.