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Earth to People


For the 10th anniversary, 4P's updated the mission state, which we wanted to commemorate by collaborating with Ki Saigon on the "Letters to the Futures" initiative. This project involves people writing personal letters to their descendants a thousand years in the future.The letters were not printed on paper, but on a sheet made of plastic waste, which would take a thousand years to decompose.The reason behind choosing plastic as the primary material is because we had another important message we wanted to convey through this project, which is the issue of plastic waste.

If you could write a letter to your great great great grandchild, what would you share? A story? A life lesson? An experience?


As we all have been going through these increasingly difficult times, we would like to share something positive and uplifting a project we have been working on for months. 4P’s collaborated with local creatives Ki Saigon and Zac Buehner to work together on a project with the simple purpose of sharing compassion to the people and world around us. We think it was a great opportunity to express our gratitude to each other, but more importantly to think how we could encourage present and future generations to be compassionate to our planet.


We started by reaching out to our friends and loved ones to write a letter to the future, to their great great grandchild. However, in order for these letters to be delivered to such distant generations, these letters must be preserved on a material that can last a very long time. To do this, we had to make a book out of plastic, as the waste we leave behind will still be around when our great great great grandchildren are born a thousand years from now.


We teamed up with local recyclers to help us source the plastic we need, and with the help of our friends, we were able to collect different types of plastic bags, styrofoam boxes, bubble wrap and various types of plastic sheets needed to create the base material. Plastics were ironed together, forming the pages of our book. Then, each letter to the future was scanned, turned into silkscreens and individually hand-printed on each page, preserving the original handwriting of the author. Lastly, the letters to the future book came with its own artwork and were displayed to spread awareness of the cause.

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