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Values & Culture 2023.10.3

4P's Culture Day

4P's Culture Day
Values & Culture 2023.10.3

4P's Culture Day

Culture Day was all about bringing our amazing partners together for a day filled with team building activities and culture workshops. But hey, don’t worry, it wasn’t your typical boring corporate event! 😅 We kept things fresh, engaging, and most importantly, fun!

Our main goals for Culture Day were to strengthen our partners’ understanding and connection with 4P’s unique culture. We believe that when our team feels connected and united, that’s when the magic happens! ✨

We also wanted to create an opportunity for our partners to expand their network within the workplace. We firmly believe in fostering connections across all levels of the organization because we know that great ideas can come from anyone, regardless of their position. 🤝

Culture Day was a massive success, and we’re proud to say that it was the first time we hosted such an event at 4P’s. It took place across multiple locations, including Ha Noi, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Da Lat, HCMC, and Binh Duong. Can you believe that we had around 3,000 partners participating in total? Talk about scale! 🌍

People – Play – Learn – Connect

When designing the activities of the Culture Day, we decided that to make the most out of this amazing opportunity, we will not only include fun teambuilding activities but also ensure that our partners get something of long-term value for themselves at the end of the day. Whether it a new found friendship, a communication technique, or being inspired to live by values.

With the four focuses in mind: People – Play – Learn – Connect, we carefully customize four teambuilding stations that represent them:

At the “People” station, our partners took part in a volleyball match using a big inflated ball that requires the collaborative effort of the entire team to lift, throw and catch to gain points. Once our partners learned how to utilize all the players, this quickly became a high-energy zone that attracted a lot of cheering. 📣

The “Play” station is a giant tic-tac-toe board with bouncy balls. Although the rule was simple, this is a high-speed and quick-thinking game that asked our partners to fully engage physically and intelligently. 🏃‍♂️

The “Learn” station challenged our partners’ pattern awareness, problem solving and collaborative thinking to build a steady bridge from sticks. The testimony of its difficulty showed in only half of the teams could finished this challenge on time. How did they win? All-hands-on-deck! 🙌

We had two versions of the “Connect” station, both required a lot of communication and teamwork. In one version, two partners used walkie-talkie to describe a shape for the rest of the team to recreate the shape from smaller pieces. The second version involved our partners passing a short stick to each other while being 5 meters apart – if you don’t think this is difficult, see the picture below. 😲

The “Connect” station got our partners fighting agaisnt gravity

The 4P’s Values workshop

More than just the fun and making amazing connections, we stood behind our belief of the importance of company culture at 4P’s and we made sure to create a space for our partners to experience and feel that culture, not just hearing about it. 🥰

With the 4P’s Values workshop, we refreshed our partners’ understanding of the four 4P’s Values: Authenticity, Compassion, Kaizen and Omotenashi. Then we engaged our partners in individual and team work to explore how to apply these values not only at work but also to daily life, so that they even found a connection between 4P’s values and your personal values.😉

We got dozens and dozens of stories shared by our partners at the workshop about when they saw and lived the 4P’s Values in real situations. Through the stories, our partners helped each other learn about incorporating the values of Authenticity, Compassion and Omotenashi through interactions with guests and partners 💝. This was also a great opporunities for us to Kaizen by collecting our partners’ proposals about what we can improve at 4P’s! 🏆

One of the prized story boards about value Compassion

So if you’re on the hunt for a company that values its culture, fosters connections, and offers a work-life balance, look no further than 4P’s! We’re all about creating an environment where you can grow, thrive, and have a blast while doing it. 🚀