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[HCM] Delivery Hub Manager/ Senior Manager

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Pizza 4P‘s Ho Chi Minh

- Head Office (Managerial Level)

* Recruitment Background & Responsibility

- Manage KPIs of 2-3 stores (Including Store-EBITDA)
- People management and team development 
- Report to Senior Hub manager or Delivery Business Development Director 
- Align with hub strategic support and marketing and be responsible for implementing the initiatives.

* Must have
- Able to manage CP, sales, and quality control for  2-3 s stores
- Operation skills for both positions (Kitchen, Pizza, and DC)
- Training and Coaching to leader and candidate
- Leadership for delivery initiatives in stores.
- Basic knowledge of excel 
- Native Vietnamese speaker, Elementary level of English (need to communicate with non-Vietnamese speaker on a weekly basis)

* (Soft-Person/Character/Mindset)
- Flexibility to change
- Accountability
- Leadership

* Nice to have
- Communication skills (Many stakeholders in the company need to be able to turn things around without being in operations, more so than in a restaurant. (Because many of the restaurants are small)
- Setting up the new restaurant operations
- Food and service and driver’s experience

* (Soft-Person/Character/Mindset)
- Strong interest in IT and business
- Interested in building an organization

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Working Address:
Pizza 4P‘s Ho Chi Minh
Head Office (Managerial Level)
Application Time:
01/12 — 29/02/2024

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