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We’re very excited to have our Jar Return Programme, created to help expand the life of our glass jars. You can return 4P’s yogurt and pudding jars to our Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi restaurants, where we will collect them, clean and sterilize them, and in the end bring them back to life!


Little joys from us to you when you return our jars:

1 jar –– get 1 string cheese

2 jars –– get 1 free yogurt or pudding


Your safety is always our priority so after receiving the returned jars, our team will ensure the hygiene of our products. This process consists of soaking them overnight in hot water, followed by thoroughly disinfecting them with alcohol and drying them before reusing.



  • We’d really appreciate it if glass jars are rinsed before returning to our team
  • We may provide you drink tickets if retail products are out of stock
  • You can order our yogurt or pudding here: