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Earth to People


Come with the first dish “Burrata with Granola, Bee Pollen and Longan Honey” to convey the message of Biodiversity and Pollinators.


Specifically, bees.


Why is it chosen to be the spotlight of this dish? Biodiversity is the variety of life in the world or in a particular habitat or ecosystem, and bees are important pollinators in both the natural world and agricultural production. The inclusion of ingredients such as longan honey, bee pollen, and longan fruit represents the importance of bees in the ecosystem, as food production requires bees to pollinate plants. This biodiversity is essential and action is needed to combat the negative effects that threaten the disappearance of bees, as well as other species that help keep ecosystems in balance.


The second dish on the Earth menu “Local Seafood stew Cioppino with Marinara Toast” emphasizes the reality: Water Use.


As you know, water pollution has negative impacts on aquatic ecosystems as well as the food we eat. Using and managing water resources sustainably and responsibly are becoming more and more widespread, especially in the fishing industry.


Using five types of seafood that are grown sustainably and responsibly, we are committed to bringing a unique taste of the sea to your meals with this Italian-inspired seafood stew – Cioppino. Experience the natural sweet and sour taste of each ingredient delicately blended with the aroma of herbal spices, this soup will be served with marinara toast and dried tomatoes.


Climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions has always been a concern due to its detrimental consequences on life and our environment. This vegetarian pizza is inspired by the traditional Greek dish Moussaka, using Earth-friendly ingredients when making plant-based cheese from cashew nuts, as well as non-dairy milk (oat milk, soy milk) to make Béchamel sauce. This helps maintain the rich flavor of the cheese while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and raising awareness about this topic. An intriguing combination of eggplant, mushroom moussaka base, and other ingredients will surely deliver you a taste breakthrough! Let’s join us to create a greener planet with our dish “Eggplant Moussaka Pizza with Plant-based Cheese”.


Coming to the last dish on our Earth menu “Organic Mushroom Pizza with Fresh Salsa”. We convey the message through the main ingredient is Mushrooms, an ingredient that can be grown on agricultural by-products (a renewable resource). This is an example of growing food with less space and higher productivity, which highlights the importance of efficient cropland use, a solution to land degradation due to the overuse of chemicals that has contributed to the increase in deforestation.

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