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[HCM-HN] Restaurant Manager

Pizza 4P‘s Ho Chi Minh

- Operation (Managerial Level)


The primary objective of the role is:

Deliver WOW experience 

- Pursue 4P’s quality excellence. Always looking for the opportunity to deliver the WOW moment to the guest. Engage our service and guests and strengthen guest loyalty. 

Build up the team

- Build up the team who has strong passion/commitment for 4P’s quality excellence. 

- Inspiring the team member with a Vision/Mission statement. Be the role model to perform

- Focus on the partner’s development and generate a sufficient training plan. A good leader makes people. 


Quality Excellence

  • Deliver the wow dining experience to the guest. Encourage any touching point with guests and strengthen the connection. Deliver the memorable experience beyond the guest’s expectation.
  • Pursue 4P’s service standard/manuals.  Make sure our partner delivers the service as 4ps standard and serves dishes in the best condition in the store operation.
  • Commitment for food quality excellence. Serve dishes in the best condition with the right quality and right communication. 
  • Implement routine food quality check to make sure maintaining standard taste and presentation. 
  • Strict management for food safety hygiene control. 
  • Maintain the store ambience/ environment. Secure the guests safety as well as maintain excellent ambience 
  • Be responsible for the store KPI. Consistently tracking the store performance, find out any “Not working” and take the collective countermeasure.
  • Pursue looking for the knowledge to uplift our service quality. I.e, Drinks (Wine) , Food, System APP

People development and training  

  • Ensure interview, selection for all newcomers
  • Pick up potential candidates for the store people pipeline and make sufficient training and promotion plans. 
  • Make sure all teams are executing training on time for all positions
  • Ensure skills partner for key positions

Sustainable Business development 

  • Be the owner of the store P&L
  • Secure sustainable business development and make sure the store is operating with profitable conditions. 
  • Partner roster management: Expect the sales focus and arrange the roster to secure the profit with COL control as well as to maintain 4ps quality. 
  • Manage expenses for ordering/purchasing to secure profit. 
  • Stock control, inventory management, manage the COGS with safety level and export the right result on the inventory 


  • Work experience in Manager or Supervisor level in Food & Beverage field (Hotel/ Restaurant/ Fast food chain), high service quality.
  • Advanced level in English (Speaking & Writing)
  • Empathy with our vision
  • Culture fit (Omotenashi, Authenticity, Kaizen, Compassion)
  • Work experience in Manager or Supervisor level in Food & Beverage field (Hotel/ Restaurant/ Fast food chain)
  • Have Passion for Culinary
  • Outstanding customer service mindset
  • Have strong leadership, management and problem solving skills
  • Being independent, proactive, patient, high responsibility and willing to work under high pressure
  • Commit to the goals of leading and coaching people


  • 3-4 months onboarding and training at a designated store
  • Works 200 hours/ month: 8 hours/ day and 1 day off per week, flexible working hours based on operation schedule


  • Competitive salary & performance based bonus
  • 15 annual leave days per year
  • Private healthcare insurance
  • Special internal discount (~50%) for brands of Pizza 4P‘s, Ippudo, About Life Coffee, etc
  • 13th month bonus
Thỏa thuận
Địa chỉ:
Pizza 4P‘s Ho Chi Minh
Phòng ban:
Operation (Managerial Level)
Hạn nộp hồ sơ:
19/02 — 30/04/2024

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