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Earth to People


When stepping into Pizza 4P’s Indochina Da Nang, you will be wowed by the indigo-dyed curtains and big walls of over 100m2 as the signature interior of the space. The making of this space means more than just creating a new place for people to enjoy pizza, it marks our effort to envision a better world through cherishing cultural heritage, with Indigo-dye.


Takeshi Yoshizawa, a native of Japan, has made a name for himself in Hanoi as a shibori master (as indigo dyeing is known in Japan). Impressed with his creativity, we invited Takeshi and his wife and assistant Thanh to collaborate on an indigo dying project at Pizza 4P’s new Da Nang location that was opening in December 2019.


When indigo curtains draping the row of floor-to-ceiling windows at the back of the restaurant were revealed on the opening day, the customers were blown away. Over time, the walls were painted deep indigo too – a labor-intense process that requires multiple applications to achieve the desired degree of saturation. Indigo being Pizza 4P’s corporate color, the project was infused with symbolism and feeling from start to finish.


To make the giant blank wall filled with the color of Peace, instead of conventional fabric dyeing, Indigo Store has well proved that handmade Indigo can also be applied to a rough cement wall. And they successfully did it. The process was not easy, but this certainly opens a new door for the application of organic materials and ingredients not only in fashion but also countless other fields of art.

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