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Pizza 4P’s Bến Thành

Reservation Line

Mon - Sat
11:00-00:00 (Last Order 23:30)
11:00-23:00 (Last Order 22:30)


8 Thu Khoa Huan, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City


Shunri Nishizawa
Shunri Nishizawa

Born in 1980, NISHIZAWA graduated from The University of Tokyo with a Masters Degree in Architecture. After working for Tadao Ando, he moved to Vietnam in 2009 and has designed many projects in collaboration with Mr. Vo Trong Nghia and Mr. Daisuke Sanuki. In 2015, he established NISHIZAWA ARCHITECHS. His major projects are Binh Thanh House, Binh Duong School, Katzden Factory,...etc. He won the Vietnam National Architecture Prize and ARCASIA Award in 2015


The beauty of Saigon was once inspired by French architectures during the last century. As a desire to bring back the resonance of the immemorial Saigon, we chose a former French villa, opposite to Ben Thanh Market. After removing billboards, the monumental French nostalgic balconies was once again re-emerged in the eyes of many Saigonese. Left an impression as a forgotten memory that they has gone through the time, these balconies have become a unique mark among the uproarious streets. In addition, to create a connection between outside and inside, our architect kept the opened space for balcony area at Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh. The image of these balconies is as if creates a bridge from inside the restaurant which steps into the streets outside; as well as brings back the urban atmosphere to inner space.

Innovating interior design that go well with exterior architecture is a tough question. When it turns into the whole surrounding scenery, where left traces of nostalgic French buildings, our architect and his team were inspired by the iconic old French jalousie windows, to create a classical yet modern interior design. Combining “timeless elements” and minimalism design, the concept of Pizza 4P’s Ben Thanh is to bring the resonance of the past and presence, which could recall a feeling of both immemorial Saigon and the contemporary lifestyle.