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Date : 2023/04/19Category : News

🌏 On Earth Day, a day to celebrate Mother Earth and raise awareness about how to protect and improve the goodness of the planet we live in, we offer a “Earth to People” fair where sustainable brands can come and sell their sustainable products at Pizza 4P’s Xuan Thuy from 9am to 4 pm on Saturday (22 April).

We have a variety of segments for you to enjoy at the Farmer’s Market:
– Sustainable items
– Organic fruits and vegetables
– Upcycling Workshop (limited slots)
– Healthful and Refreshing food & drink

We’re in the midst of a climate emergency, and the daily items we buy are wreaking havoc on the globe. We believe that being sustainable (both in production and consumption) helps to protect our environment. That is why we decided to create a Farmer’s Market for local brands to meet and greet, learn and prosper, and for guests to come and purchase fresh and sustainable goods.

We have a variety of segments for you to enjoy at the Farmer’s Market:

✨ Thien Sinh Farm, Dòng Dòng, Kefir Home – Nước Ép Trái Cây & Sữa Chua Lên Men Từ Kefir, CricketOne, robin.mouquet, – Mật Hoa Dừa Trà Vinh, Limart – Zero waste,… are among those who will be joining us in the sustainable fair. By participating in 4P’s FARMER’S MARKET, you will learn more about organic products and connect with local enterprises that produce sustainably.

In particular, Dong Dong will host an Upcycled Plant Pot Workshop, where you will be guided through the process of upcycling tarps into plant pots. There are only 15 available slots for attendees. If you are eager to join, please share eco-friendly tips that are practical and doable for a sustainable lifestyle in the comment section below. The 15 attendees with the most inventive tips will undoubtedly be given a spot in the workshop. Endtime: 4PM, Friday (21 April).

💥 Come to the Farmer’s Market at Pizza 4P’s Xuan Thuy, buy some delights, and honor Mother Earth with us.
📍 Location: Pizza 4P’s Xuan Thuy
🕘 Time: 9 AM – 4 PM
✅ Date: Saturday, 22 April