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For 2020 Peace Day, we created an event to express part of our vision of “Peace”, through 3 unique types of Pizzas that bring a harmony of flavors from conflicting countries around the world: China & USA, India & Pakistan, Israel & Palestine. To illustrate these dishes, we have created Mural for Peace, a series of stencil artworks created with the actual spices found in each of the Peace Pizzas, showing that if ingredients can live together on a pizza, so can we on the planet.


The centerpiece of the event was the “Garden of Peace”, consisting of an array of handcrafted paper flowers, assembled and presented along with the special pizzas.


All proceeds from the sale of the Peace Pizzas went to the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund. Giving you a taste of peace We believe that peace is the one cosmic ingredient that makes everything better. Armed with this brief, Ki Saigon came up with a concept where the signature cooking ingredients of the nations with a history of conflict come together harmoniously in one recipe.


The process of experimentation, supervised by chefs Shotaro Hirukawa and Natsumi Kobayashi, took many months and resulted in three individual Peace Pizzas combining the ingredients from India and Pakistan on one, Israel and Palestine on another, and lastly, the China and USA Peace Pizza.


The concept of Pizza 4P’s Peace Week Event was introduced through a child-like animated story, in which two butterflies on their individual quest to find a key ingredient to happiness eventually find it through finding each other, demonstrating how wonderful the world would be if we all came together.

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