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In 2022, 4P’s brought the color of peace – Indigo – to our Guests with an Indigo-dyeing workshop in conjunction with IndigoStore.


International Day of Peace 2022 was celebrated by Pizza 4P’s with a special exhibit and pop-up shop, where we spread out the beauty of peace. On display was a special dyeing technique where you got to see the highest level of craftsmanship, voices’ heard, skills’ contemplated, cultures’ appreciated.


We chose Indigo as the main theme for the event because this is a color of peace; it helps us radiate the energy of peace so that we can positively affect the fields of those around us. Indigo helps us stand our ground, in a loving way and not be drawn into the energy of conflict.


We had a variety of Indigo products for purchases, with proceeds donated to charity. We also had an immersive exhibition on display for Guests to come and enjoy.


Peace is a key part of our DNA, and through Indigo creation, we hope to bring you a sense of it – Being at peace is all about happiness from the inside and finding joy amid all life’ challenges. And for everyone who joined the workshop, who immersed themselves in the art of creation, with hands dipped in the fermented indigo vat, sewing every stitch and got the final results of handmade Indigo t-shirts contentedly and joyfully – we hope you felt the joy and got a precious chance to know the cultural heritage of Indigo dyeing.

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