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There are many reasons to appreciate our planet, but the only one that counts is the fact that it is the only one on which we now live. There is no backup plan. No other planet can protect humanity or other forms of life. We share this tiny life raft with all earthly beings. The Earth is home to all of us.


We must take action to protect our home, beginning with adopting healthy behaviors for both ourselves and the earth. In such an endeavor, WWF-Viet Nam has been promoting planet-based diets that we should adopt to benefit our world.


We offer enjoyable activities and captivating art experiences in the hopes of bringing this “planet-based diets” concept closer to you. Our goal is to capture your attention and help you recognize the significant impact we all have on the environment, from which we can see the importance of adopting a planet-based diet.


This unique experience allows you to connect with nature on a deeper level, to sit down and listen to its stories. Through this intimate encounter, our intention is to foster a sense of appreciation and love for the Earth, guiding us towards a careful and genuine relationship with our planet.


A Date with the Earth is an artistic, interactive experience that combines a variety of works of art that connect you to the fragile heart of the Earth.


“Earthbeat is your Heartbeat” installation on the hall is to let you experience a moment of peace brought on by relaxing music. Cover your ears and give the sound of Earth your whole attention.


“Darkroom of art” is built to allow you to fully immerse yourself in the environment of continuously spinning artwork that speaks for our effort to convey the significance of adopting “planet-based diets”.

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