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We were extremely excited that Pizza 4P’s Hikari Binh Duong – the first zero waste concept restaurant in Viet nam has come to life and is ready to serve our Guests happiness and joy.


Pizza 4P’s Hikari Binh Duong is built with a commitment of becoming a zero-waste restaurant – a platform where our products, craftsmanship, people, culture and environment can harmonize. Striving to be ”zero waste”, we spent years on end to think deeply about the impact of food waste, excess packaging and single-use plastics since Sustainable development is one of our crucial factors to help us achieve our vision – and with Pizza 4P’s zero waste concept restaurant at Hikari, we try to find the most sustainable option for everything that we can interfere with. We are extremely happy to be a part of the movement in a new wave of appreciation for the Earth we live in, of being responsible with practical actions to make the world a better place filled with happiness.


As we are an Earth to People restaurant, we hope to bring you moments of mindfulness from true nature – where you are able to broaden your understanding of climate, soil health, irrigation and the fundamentals of organic farming. Stepping into Pizza 4P’s zero waste concept restaurant at Hikari Binh Duong, you will be wowed with a unique farm-to-table eating experience; we’ve got an edible landscape model where you can enjoy the freshest veggies and fruits right at the place. The big oven is warm all day long to serve you the happiest pizza! And while you are enjoying the meal, the mini garden in the middle of the restaurant will bring you a chilly and airy atmosphere, as if you are living in sync with Mother nature. Having a cozy meal with a scenic view, while grasping sustainability through green spaces and exploring 4P’s eco-friendly solutions at Hikari Area, isn’t it fantastic?

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